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AR Experience Publisher

Augmented Reality experience publishers are firms or individuals that publish AR experiences (internally developed or commissioned from third parties, and published separately or bundled in “applications”) on services where the experiences can be accessed remotely (e.g., appear in the catalog of a proprietary AR browser) or through an online store (e.g., AppStore, GooglePlay). While the roles of AR experience developer and publisher are often tightly intertwined and can be adopted within one firm, the developer must have greater mastery of technologies and tools while the publisher must focus primarily on business development and negotiating with customers.

Augmented Reality systems integrators or enterprise AR customers can negotiate with the publisher directly or through an online store for permission to use the experiences “off the shelf” or with additional customization.

AR experience publishers may include experiences containing preconfigured images, models, animations or data sets in the overall experience. AR experience publishers that do not own or maintain their own data sets may rely on APIs to interface with data sets visualized in the AR experience. The data sets in the experience may be owned and managed by the enterprise, by another entity (e.g., a map publisher) or be part of public data services operated by local, regional or national agencies (e.g., meteorological data services, health data services).

Over time, experiences published with tools that conform to open standards will experience high demand as they are more readily integrated and available for mashup.


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