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Talent Swarm LLC


Jim Novack

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[email protected]

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+34 669 772 166

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Calle Bravo Murillo 297, Portal 10, 1° D
28020 Madrid Spain


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Talent Swarm LLC

Talent Swarm provides an end-to-end service for the creation and long-term storage of advanced Digital Twin simulators. Using Talent Swarm’s web-based platform, clients enter the virtual copy of their industrial facility, progressively adding more information and allowing their global employees to collaborate in real time, as if in a video game, but to do real work.

Strictly adhering to open, international standards for industrial data, such as CFIHOS, the data is securely stored and always remains the exclusive property of the client. Connected with instrumentation servers in real time, operators may view their plant for maximum efficiency, prescriptive maintenance to avoid unscheduled shutdowns, and greater use of their global knowledge base of employees, including retirees, to solve complex problems remotely, saving time and money.

Background and Achievements

Talent Swarm’s implementation for Sacyr’s Desalination Plants was awarded First Place for Innovation in IDG’s European 2019 event. The solution is profiled in this video.

Challenges to be Addressed by AR

Talent Swarm addresses AR challenges by providing an open database of discrete objects in standard graphics formats that is available to be rendered in the desired resolution by AR devices, without duplicating existing information.

Why AR is a Strategic Area

The immersive, video game-like collaborative environment provided by the Talent Swarm platform uses AR devices to empower workers walking through the industrial plant to “see” complex operational conditions superimposed on the equipment, “maintenance by walking around” and attracting young talent to industrial companies that are facing staffing challenges as their older workers retire.

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