Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

Kick-Start Your Go-To-Market Initiatives

Special Offer for Start-Ups

The AREA is the only global funded membership alliance working to accelerate the adoption of enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) by creating a comprehensive ecosystem.

AREA membership offers you an opportunity to network with other people in the AR industry and to reach prospective enterprise customers that are planning to invest – or already investing – in AR. That is why we have created a new time-limited membership package just for startups.

The time-limited Startup membership offers you all the benefits of an AREA Contributor member. You’ll be able to:

It’s a great way to develop your AR network and gain visibility with prospective enterprise customers. You get all this for $1500 per year – that’s $3500 less than the lowest annual fee for Contributor membership.


To join the AREA as a Startup member, your organization must meet the following criteria:

The AREA Startup membership package is only available for a two-year period. After the two years have elapsed, your company must choose a Contributor or Sponsor membership to continue as an AREA member.

Start your AREA membership today in two simple steps:


If you have any questions regarding the AREA Startup Membership qualifications or application process, please email [email protected].