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The research committee goal is to conduct an advocacy research program to continually advance AR technologies to the benefit of the AREA members and the wider AR ecosystem. The committee’s management of AREA-driven research projects, includes:

  1. Monitoring and sharing developments in the enterprise AR research community with members,
  2. Managing AREA-driven research projects focusing on topics the AREA members consider highest in priority, and
  3. Gathering and amplifying AREA member concerns and requirements to relevant research communities.

Current Activities

  • The 13th AREA Research project RFP has been issued and proposals have been received. The topic is “Barriers to and Drivers of Adoption of Real-Time AR-assisted Inspection for Quality and Compliance.”
  • The 12th AREA Research project has been awarded and is underway: Deployment of Wearable AR in Highly Secure Corporate Environments.
  • The 11th AREA Research project has been published: Effectiveness Evaluation of AR for Work Instruction.
  • The 10th AREA Research project has been published: 3D Mapping Solutions for Enterprise AR.
  • The Research Committee is engaged in an ongoing project to produce the 2nd edition of the Enterprise AR Research Agenda,
  • The Research Committee is issuing the AREA Student Research Award to support two students work on an enterprise AR project per year. The 2023 awards have been announced.
  • The Research Committee is revising the 8th AREA Research Project, the FindAR web page and the back end. The updated FindAR will permit the dataset of searchable peer-reviewed papers to be updated regularly.