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Fill out the short AREA membership application to join today. Through membership in our alliance, you will leverage your business and technical resources to support your organization along all phases of your augmented reality journey. 

The $38.5B augmented reality market is experiencing rapid growth, with a projected compound annual growth rate of more than 40% from 2021 to 2028. Your organization can capitalize on this momentum by realizing these benefits of membership:

    • Business and technical resources: The AREA provides access to shared expertise, resources, and knowledge, enabling efficient problem-solving and fostering innovation.
    • Exclusive content: Our exclusive content enhances our members’ competitive advantage by providing unique insights, information, or tools not available to others.
    • Programs and Initiatives: AREA-driven programs and initiatives offer collaborative opportunities to tackle industry challenges collectively, leveraging diverse perspectives and expertise.
    • Research: Collaborative research within AREA accelerates technological advancements, facilitates information exchange, and reduces individual R&D costs.
    • Committee participation: Participation in AREA committees fosters networking, knowledge exchange, and influence over alliance strategies, helping shape industry standards and directions.
    • Discounts: Exclusive discounts on products or services through alliances drive cost savings and enhance our members’ overall business efficiency.
    • Voting rights and leadership roles: Voting rights and leadership roles grant members decision-making power, enabling active involvement in shaping alliance directions and priorities, and influencing industry developments.

Visit our Membership Information page to learn about the value we offer, and how you can get involved in our vibrant, global ecosystem.

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    The applicant certifies that it meets the conditions of Membership specified in the Bylaws and that it has accurately stated its current year gross annual revenues or annual budget (non-commercial entities) in calculating the fees payable with respect to the Membership class which it has selected above.

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