Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

AREA Research Agenda

The AREA Research Agenda is a living resource focused on filling gaps in industry knowledge and removing obstacles to the widespread adoption of Augmented Reality in industry. It is intended to inform research organizations, governmental and non-governmental funding organizations, and corporate planners who are establishing or updating their research priorities to address enterprise AR ecosystem needs. When more understudied research topics receive funding, and when the research findings are published, the entire ecosystem benefits.

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Research Topic Selection

The AREA Research Agenda identifies the topics on which research has high potential for impact based on prioritization of gaps in documented research and shared knowledge. Prioritization of gaps is established using data science and the following sources:

Research Gap Identification Methodology

The AREA Research Agenda begins with the current research landscape for industrial AR formed exclusively on the basis of research published after January 2017 and including June 2021 in the peer-reviewed literature. Standards, patents, books, and engineering dissertations are not included. The Research Agenda leverages Engineering Village, a recognized technical document search tool.

Research Categories