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Brian Jones

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The AREA marketing committee goal is to promote the Enterprise AR ecosystem, the AREA and its members by providing thought leadership, neutral and useful content.

  1. To create, collect and curate the latest AR technology content, created by neutral thought leaders and experts.
  2. To promote the Enterprise AR ecosystem, the AREA and its members.
  3. To share the value add content with members and wider ecosystem.

Current Activities

  • The AREA Marketing Committee keeps an eye open for opportunities to increase the awareness, benefits, and challenges of enterprise AR to organizations that are considering the technology.
  • This includes workshops, demonstrations, webinars, videos, coordinated promotions, social media, and opportunities for sponsorship.
  • The Committee engages industry experts to amplify topics such as how to start the AR conversation in your organization, identifying requirements for enterprise AR, managing common safety and security risks, and managing change when introducing AR.