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Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

ROI Calculator

The AREA ROI calculator is an easy-to-use online tool that helps organizations: 

  • Understand the value of Enterprise AR use cases 
  • Provide data to support investment decisions
  • Benefit from a broader view of aggregated data from across the AR ecosystem 

The ROI calculator allows you to input a comprehensive set of parameters of your expected adoption of AR. These include: 

  • Software, hardware, content and system integration costs 
  • Personnel, deployment, IT, consultancy and training costs
  • Expected efficiency gains and revenue improvements 

This information permits calculation of a multi-year projection of cost and profitability, including an ROI analysis and Net Present Value (NPV) to help support business decision making.  

In addition, the AREA will provide insights on the data collected, with the aim of providing an industry-wide ROI perspective. 

Available to both AREA members and the wider community, the tool requires that a user be logged in with a valid AREA web portal account. To get started, download the ROI calculator tutorial presentation. In addition, you might like to view the webinar recording.

You can access the AREA ROI calculator below. Please direct any questions or provide feedback to [email protected]