Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

The 12th AREA Research Project

Deployment of Wearable AR in Highly Secure Corporate Environments

This Executive Summary outlines a research project to investigate the deployment of wearable Augmented Reality (AR) in highly secure corporate environments. The study focuses on addressing cybersecurity risks associated with AR adoption in enterprise settings, particularly the need for application-level authentication to ensure secure integration of AR hardware and software.

The project highlights the successful demonstration of securing access to AR assets on a per-user basis at the application layer, offering benefits for IT groups, enterprise AR project managers, and providers of enterprise AR software/platform companies in managing security risks and facilitating integration with existing IT systems.

The full report is only available exclusively to AREA members. It presents a comprehensive methodology, including the development of an application-level authentication implementation using the Unity framework. Resources in the full report include sample code, a testbed, a tutorial, a findings report, and a webinar.

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