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Low-code and No-code AR Solution Benchmarking

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In response to the increasing demand for customized Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, many companies are exploring alternatives to traditional software engineering approaches. While outsourcing AR development poses challenges, low-code and no-code AR content authoring platforms offer viable solutions. These platforms empower non-technical subject-matter experts to create AR experiences without extensive programming knowledge, offering diverse features and deployment options.

Executive Summary: In order to assist subject matter experts who seek to author and publish AR experiences without learning how to do software engineering with a game engine, this project aims to assess and compare the features, pricing, and scope of at least four leading low-code and no-code AR content authoring platforms tailored for enterprise applications. With the results of this project, AR for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) members will have comprehensive insights and a new methodology for evaluating future low-code and low-code AR solutions to facilitate informed decision-making.

Category of Project: Tool Assessments/Comparisons and Interoperability/Standards.

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Project Goals

Successful completion of this project will result in the following benefit for AREA members:


This AREA research project will produce the following deliverables:

D1 – List of commercial low-code/no-code solutions on the market and final list of those on which the project will focus

 D2 – A report documenting:

D3Assets used in the research, including but not limited to:

D4Interactive decision-support tool

D5Video documenting results (supplementary materials) including but not limited:

D6A webinar and executive summary for public audience


The research project proposal will include (max 7 pages):

Selection Criteria

All proposals will be evaluated by the AREA research committee chairs and research manager on the following criteria:

Timeline and Deadlines

Please use the form below to submit your proposal on or before 12 PM Eastern Daylight Time April 26th 2024. The AREA will provide detailed replies to submitters on or before May 3rd 2024.

Unless otherwise negotiated in advance, the research project is expected to take approximately 120 days. Research will be completed, and finished deliverables provided to the AREA by September 3rd 2024.

Budget for this Project

The AREA Research Committee budget for this project is $15,000.


For answers to any questions concerning this project and the AREA Research Committee, please send an email to the Research Committee.

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