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Theorem Solutions Ltd.


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Theorem House,
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Theorem Solutions

Since 1990, Theorem Solutions have been helping Engineering and Manufacturing companies to leverage the value of their Engineering design assets.

Our Theorem-XR product suite enables users to optimize, visualize and collaborate with those assets using the latest Augmented, Mixed and Virtual reality technologies.

The Theorem Visualization Pipeline gives users the ability to quickly and easily automate the preparation and optimization of 3D CAD assets for use in devices such as Microsoft HoloLens 2, Magic Leap, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. We also support large data sets through high quality rendering using Azure Remote Rendering.

Those optimised assets can then be utilised in a variety of engineering based use cases for full scale in context Visualization, Design Review, Factory Planning & Layout and Training.

And by working collaboratively, Theorem-XR allows remote teams and home-based staff to work in an immersive environment, consuming data in context and at full scale.

Improved data sharing and supplier collaboration, along with taking advantage of the new spatial computing and visualization technologies, aids companies in getting to market faster, thereby improving their competitive position and achieves a faster return on investment.

Theorem Solutions is an independent UK headquartered company, with sales and support offices in the UK and USA. Our unique value is in the comprehensive application suite and technology we have, and the many years of knowledge and experience of our staff.

Background and Achievements

Theorem have created device and data neutral experiences for the engineering and manufacturing industries. Our out-of-the box Visualization, Design Review, Factory Layout, Training and Visual Digital Twin experiences are some of the first solutions that support the majority of AR and MR devices and can facilitate collaborative working regardless of the device type or time zone.  Our Visualization Pipeline technology is the true enabler. This is a server-based engine that quickly and easily optimises CAD and PLM assets for use in any of the experiences on any supported device.

We are also partners of the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP). The Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) enables its members to build and deploy breakthrough industry solutions, and identifies those who have achieved a high level of competency on the Windows Mixed Reality platform.

Challenges to be addressed by AR

Theorem’s experiences aim to close the ‘cognitive gap’ by using AR and MR to visualize 3D data at full scale and in context (known as spatial computing). Closing the gap between the digital and physical world presents an opportunity to exploit the power of digital product development and digital manufacturing as a competitive advantage.

Why AR is a strategic area

AR/MR is a fundamental component of the strategic road map for Theorem Solutions.  Augmenting reality with additional contextual information that is necessary for the completion of the user’s task is a shift-change in how tasks will be completed in the coming years.  Whether that is integrating a new piece of hardware in an electromechanical system, or maintaining a product in a remote location, providing the user with this additional information in context and at real scale provides all the necessary information to complete the task correctly first time.

This technology will help drive down costs across the product life cycle, from initial conception, through design, manufacturing, and eventual assembly on a production line. This is a truly process changing and enabling technology; an augmented enabled worker will never have to go and lookup information- it’s right at their fingertips.

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