Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

Building a New Industry Together

Why an Alliance for Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality leverages the latest innovations in mobile technology, big data analytics and the Internet to offer new information-rich communication channels for enterprises.

Corporations of all sizes across industries are tapping into the potential of these rapidly expanding and converging fields and communication channels to visualize data and instructions overlaying digital assets in the real world in real time. The value of visualizing information in this manner offers many benefits. The AREA provides organizations with the support they need to assess, plan and manage their enterprise Augmented Reality projects.

The cross-industry collaboration fostered by the AREA yields long-term benefits for the augmented reality ecosystem. Collaboration boosts efficiency by presenting only the most relevant and contextual data available. It also allows experts to utilize resources by being at the disposal of a more distributed workforce and certifying achievement of policy compliance. AR collaboration also reduces the time for unique tasks, prevents human errors, and lowers the impact of task interruption!


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