Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

Augmented Reality Best Practices

Augmented reality best practices are crucial at this early stage of the market because they lay the foundation for user acceptance and long-term success. Establishing clear guidelines helps researchers and developers create consistent and intuitive AR experiences, ensuring that early adopters have positive interactions. This paves the way for broader adoption. By adhering to best practices, the AR for enterprise industry can build trust and credibility, making AR a sustainable and transformative technology in the years to come. R&D in enterprise AR draws on well-established augmented reality best practices and methods, as well as new approaches. Our general guidance for AR practitioners is to:

  1. Start with clearly defined desired research outcomes.
  2. Anchor projects in a common use case category that will be relevant to others.
  3. Guide the choice of research methodology with a focus on research quality and ability to repeat and transfer results.

Following these principles and best practices will ensure that every new AR project will be a net contributor to the field of enterprise AR. Our goal is to fill gaps in the collective knowledge by perpetuating the evolution of augmented reality best practices.