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Holo-Light GmbH


Susanne Haspinger

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[email protected]

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+43 (0)664 882 346 32

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Carl-Zeiss-Ring 19
Ismaning 85737


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Holo-Light specializes in immersive software and technologies for the enterprise market. The company has developed a unique remote rendering SDK, ISAR, that allows users to stream entire big data XR applications in real time. Holo-Light also provides ARES Pro, a powerful XR software, enabling engineers to work and collaborate on 3D CAD data.

Background and Achievements

Augmented and virtual reality are driving digital transformation across many industries, changing how we consume and interact with content. With this mindset, Holo-Light has developed its cross-platform remote rendering SDK, ISAR, to stream XR applications in real time via powerful local servers or with unlimited cloud resources. ISAR is easy to integrate into third-party apps and empowers Holo-Light’s AR engineering software, ARES Pro, creating new ways of experiencing and working with 3D content.

Holo-Light has received numerous awards around the globe, including the AUGGIE and German Innovation Award, for its continued success in improving AR and VR through cutting-edge technologies.

Challenges to be Addressed by AR

Holo-Light aims to realize the full potential of the XR community by solving technological hurdles that can make the use of AR and VR difficult:

  • Low performance of mobile XR devices
  • High efforts for cross-platform development
  • Low data security on mobile XR devices
  • 90% of use cases require data preparation
  • Time-intensive integration of XR apps in enterprise infrastructure


Why AR is a Strategic Area

The adoption and growth of AR and VR require critical use cases that demonstrate a positive return-on-investment and provide added value for companies and consumers. Outsourcing the rendering process to a powerful external server or the cloud will be key to limitless usage of mobile applications and opening up new use cases for AR and VR.


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