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Magic Leap


Jeff Hansen

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[email protected]

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+1 833-456-2442

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7500 West Sunrise Boulevard
Plantation 33313
Florida, US


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Magic Leap

Spatial Computing pioneer, building the world’s leading dedicated AR device. Magic Leap 1 is a lightweight, wearable computer that brings the physical and digital worlds together as one. Our vision extends well beyond just a device, by enabling the entire ecosystem and leveraging the massive creative data set of 3D images and environments across industries and geographies. We’re Magic Leap, and we’re a different kind of tech company. One that’s changing how people interact with the digital world.

So, naturally, the journey starts with building a totally new kind of computer. One that’s lightweight, wearable and capable of changing the way we experience the world. One that frees the digital content from behind screens and brings it into the world around us, making everything in enterprise environments, from communication and training to productivity better and more natural.

We know it sounds impossible, but that’s kind of the point. Headquartered in sunny South Florida and with offices around the globe, we are a company of people who see and do things a little differently. Well, a lot differently.

Background And Achievements

Created the modern head-mounted AR device market. Established the vision for how the metaverse factors into AR as well as cross-device compatibility.

Challenges For AR

Nearly every industry has a problem that can be solved in AR. The key is finding a real problem to solve, not just showing tech for tech’s sake. Visualization, collaboration, communication, co-presence, training, experience-based, etc. Elements like digital twin, IoT, etc. are just pieces to the puzzle, not an actual use case.

Why AR

We live AR! And the Magicverse.

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