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The research committee goal is to conduct an advocacy research program to continually advance AR technologies to the benefit of the AREA members and the wider AR ecosystem. The committee’s management of AREA-driven research projects, includes:

  1. Monitoring and sharing developments in the enterprise AR research community with members,
  2. Managing AREA-driven research projects focusing on topics the AREA members consider highest in priority, and
  3. Gathering and amplifying AREA member concerns and requirements to relevant research communities.

Current Activities

  • Two new research-related projects were initiated in February. Christine Perey is spearheading both. All AREA members are invited to participate:

    1. In order to track and develop deeper insights about the Top 2024 Enterprise AR Trends to Watch, fireside chats are being recorded with subject matter experts. If you would like to share your viewpoint on any of the top trends, or share trends that you are monitoring but are not part of the blog post, please contact Christine to schedule a fireside chat.
    2. Before enterprise AR interoperability standards can be evaluated for their fit, or developed to align with enterprise needs, the requirements must be clearly described. This project overview describes the new Interoperability and Standards program study of enterprise AR interoperability requirements. Please ask your IT group responsible for AR integration to schedule an interview.
  • The 13th AREA-directed Research Project Status: Vertical Realities are having challenges to get companies who have experience to make time for interviews. The Team has reached out to 20 potential participants, and have sent reminders but are not able to obtain availability of these companies. A number of meeting attendees agreed to explore how they might support the project.
  • The 14th AREA Research Project topic ballot: Voting ended on February 1, 2024. The winning Topic for 14th Research Project was the Low-code and No-code AR Solution Benchmarking. The RFP has been drafted and published on the AREA website here. All members who have experience with any low-code/no-code solutions are requested to contact MarkSam and/or Christine.
  • Student Research Award 2023: Students presented their results via a webinar on Tuesday 23 January. A report will be issued by both researchers in due course.
  • Student Research Award 2024: In 2024 there will be two routes to do outreach for these two grants. AREA to sponsor part of the Ralph Powe Junior Faculty Award Program with $5K – matched by the winning university. This seed money for junior faculty members that often result in additional funding from other sources and Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) defined processes and marketing. This will reach 153 US based Universities with branding and awareness opportunities. Five applications have been received. AREA members are invited to contact Mark to volunteer to serve as reviewers.
  • FindAR dataset is up to date and can be found here. It was noted that there is a need for more people to test this before we start to promote wider. The Research Agenda 2nd Edition project is on hold until the completion of the FindAR project updates.
  • The proposed 2024 Research Committee deliverables spreadsheet is on Causeway for members to review and feedback.