The AREA is an open, global membership organization. It welcomes organizations that agree to uphold the AREA bylaws and policies, regardless of the organization’s size, address, industry and purpose.

Members are:

  • Companies that develop enabling technologies and/or provide solutions for enterprise customers
  • Organizations currently using (or planning to use) interoperable AR-enabled systems to improve or optimize procedures in industrial and enterprise environments
  • Non-commercial entities seeking to advance enterprise productivity and safety
  • Research and academic institutions
  • Industry affiliates such as trade organizations, publishers of information and organizers of events targeting enterprise audiences

Membership Classes, Benefits and Fees

The AREA has four classes of membership:

  • Sponsor
  • Contributor
  • Non-commercial/academic
  • Affiliate

This page summarizes benefits. The details of member benefits by class are found in the AREA membership classes, benefits and fees policy.

All members in good standing will have the right to display the AREA logo on their printed and electronic materials, such as on their website, to indicate membership in the AREA and to link from the member’s site to the AREA portal.

In addition, member benefits include access to exclusive content and programs, discounts, participation in AREA committees, use of AREA-directed research results, voting rights, leadership roles and other benefits as may be added from time to time. A summary of these benefits appear in the table below.


Non-commercial/ Academic

CONTENT AND ACTIVITIESAccess and contribute to AREA member content and activities for use in business and educational activities ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Receive discounts on meetings of the AREA and its partners, courseware and fee-based services ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 
Contribute to and benefit from AREA-directed research projects ✔ ✔ ✔  
Participate in AREA committees and chapter activities ✔ ✔ ✔  
Listing of all eligible products and services in AREA AR Marketplace ✔ ✔   
Petition for the establishment of industry-specific or regional chapters ✔ ✔   
VOTING RIGHTSAnnually elect Contributor representatives to the AREA board of directors*  ✔   
Participate in AREA polls and committee voting (one vote per member) ✔ ✔   
LEADERSHIPOne representative on the board of directors ✔    
Eligible to be elected as AREA officer    
Chair AREA committees or chapters    
Co-fund/sponsor member-directed AREA research projects ✔    
Sponsor one non-commercial/academic member per year for first year of membership ✔   

* Representatives of Contributor Members elected to the Board are eligible to be nominated for, and elected to serve in any officer position on the executive committee.

The AREA is supported through annual member fees. The fees for Sponsor Members and Contributor Members are calculated on the basis of member class and size of the company (based on gross annual revenues).

There is no distinction made between commercial and non-commercial members in these classes.





$5M to <$50M

$50M to <$500M

$500M to <$1B

$1B or greater













Affiliate and Non-Commercial/Academic member fee: $3,000 regardless of size.

How to Join the AREA

Provide information about your organization and press submit to access the membership application and agreement form.

To join, complete, sign, scan and send membership form to