Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

Membership Levels & Annual Fees



AREA programs are supported by annual member fees. As shown in the Table, there are two categories of paying members: Sponsors and Contributors. The fees for these categories are calculated on the size of the organization, based on gross annual revenues.

Sponsor members receive a seat on the Board of Directors, which includes voting rights that determine new initiatives and the overall direction of the consortium. Sponsors are eligible to be elected as AREA Officers. Sponsors can also sponsor one Non-Commercial member per year for their first year of membership.

Contributing members annually elect one Contributing member annually to serve on the Board of Directors. Both Sponsors and Contributing members are eligible for the following services:


Membership Levels



The AREA is organized under Object Management Group® (OMG®)‘s 501(c) (6) not-for-profit status. It operates under OMG’s existing governance, policies and procedures under the oversight of the AREA Steering Committee.