Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

Special Membership Offer for Universities and Non-Profit Organizations

Special Membership Offer for Universities and Non-Profit Organizations

Augmented Reality (AR) offers tremendous enterprise potential, promising to increase productivity, lower costs, improve safety, enable expertise to be shared more efficiently, and more.

Whether you view AR as the next computing paradigm, the key to breakthroughs in manufacturing and service efficiencies, or the door to unimagined applications, it is clear that AR will have an unprecedented impact on enterprises of all kinds.

To capitalize on this momentum, the AREA aims to help companies in all parts of the AR ecosystem achieve greater operational efficiency through the smooth introduction and widespread adoption of interoperable AR-assisted enterprise systems.

Our special pricing of $3,000 annually for universities and non-profit members provides membership access to all employees and actively enrolled students of the university.

AREA Student Research Award

The AREA Research Committee is proud to inaugurate the AREA Student Research Award to recognize and support outstanding graduate students who are conducting research pertaining to use of AR in the workplace. The goals of this award are:

  • to bring greater attention to the enterprise AR Research Agenda topics,
  • to engage with the research community, and
  • to support aspiring future leaders in the AR field.

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Leveraging augmented reality for education, skillset development, and research to identify augmented reality’s future direction.

Lab Testing

Lab testing augmented reality innovations for interoperability, data sharing, and value realized.


Educating and fact-finding on the evolution of augmented reality technology and its applicability in the market.


Opening a dialog between academic/research institutions studying augmented reality and enterprises deploying them.

Special Offer: Join today and receive one free pass (a $595 value) to an AREA member meeting during your first year of membership.




Academia and non-profit members are universities and organizations that are registered as tax-exempt organizations. To qualify, you must have a valid university email address.