Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

AREA Principles



How we support the AR ecosystem


Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

We create, collect, and curate current neutral enterprise AR content from thought leaders and experts.

Networking & Marketplace

Networking for Go-To-Market

We facilitate an open ecosystem for sharing experiences related to AR adoption, connecting, and collaborating.


Market Education

We deliver programs and initiatives that close the skills gap through sharing of ideas and best-of-breed tech.

Reducing Barriers to adoption

Reducing Barriers to adoption

Our Committees provide market research and domain expertise in Safety, Security, and Requirements.


Pro-Business Collaboration

AREA members participate in collaborative projects and programs that they feel are most valuable for accelerating enterprise AR adoption.

Technology Connection

The AREA develops and executes programs designed to increase business opportunities for members by connecting the providers, customers and non-commercial entities that seek to improve workplace performance with Augmented Reality.


The AREA pools member dues and other resources for the betterment of industry. The intent is to:

  1. Attract thought leaders to our vision
  2. Promote our thought leading members to the world
  3. Recommend best practices and policies for accelerating AR adoption in enterprise

Sharing Knowledge

AREA members provide and share knowledge through our web site and programs without resorting to hype or promoting one solution over another. This increases customer trust in providers, educates potential customers, and reduces the time necessary to determine use cases and requirements.