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Brian Kononchik
Boston Engineering

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The AREA requirements committee goal is to ensure the requirements become an integral, relevant and important resource. The requirements will act as a benchmark for the industry, help create a shared understanding, language and “work towards” for the developing Enterprise AR ecosystem.

  • Communicate the Global Enterprise AR Requirements to the wider Enterprise AR ecosystem
  • Collect and review comments / feedback / input from the wider Enterprise AR ecosystem
  • Undertake activities to define gaps in the requirements (based on required changes in functionality and market needs)
  • Define (specify, cost and deliver) a tool to support the communication, feedback, update and overall management of the Global Enterprise AR Requirements
  • Organize update F2F sessions on a regular basis.

Current Activities

  • The Committee is prioritizing work on the Requirement specification tool, with an emphasis on usability.
  • As part of that effort, they are refining specifications for safety, security, common definitions, use cases, and case studies.
  • The Committee is producing a webinar to explain what the tool is and to amplify its goals.
  • The Committee frequently brings together AREA members to look at requirements for AR hardware, software, and solutions.