Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

Enterprise Augmented Reality Requirements

As part of the AREA’s mission to accelerate the adoption of Enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) by creating a comprehensive ecosystem, we are pleased to share with you how the AREA is capturing and sharing Enterprise Hardware and Software requirements.

This activity is led by the AREA Requirements Committee whose role is to drive the process of capturing use cases and requirements in a linked, hierarchical and actionable way, according to the AREA Schema of Needs:


This Schema of Needs represents a holistic view of capturing and defining AR requirements for Augmented Reality enterprise needs and deployments, linked to a number of related items as shown. This was first reviewed at the Chicago Workshop Requirements Session, February 2018.

Since the workshop, the AREA Requirements Committee has been busy defining, implementing and populating a new tool, known as ASoN (AREA Statements of Needs).

We invite you learn more about the tool and become part of the ASoN community.