Maximizing the Impact of Immersive Technology in Education

In this edition, we discuss the momentum of augmented and mixed reality in education with Alex Gibson and Brian Vaughan of Technological University Dublin. They describe how T.U. Dublin is maximizing the educational impact of immersive technology. Along the way, they touch upon:

– The integration of immersive technology in shaping the educational experience for students.

– The benefits of immersive technology in student engagement and knowledge retention.

– Specific AR and MR projects that they have launched at T.U. Dublin.

– Best practices and training that are important for educators and students to harness the technology.


The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (the AREA) is the only global, membership-funded non-profit alliance dedicated to helping accelerate the adoption of Enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) by supporting the growth of a comprehensive ecosystem. The AREA provides organizations with the support they need to assess, plan, and manage their enterprise Augmented Reality projects.


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