Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

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Augment IT AG


Reto Grob, CEO

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[email protected]

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+41 31 511 02 50

Company Address:

Oberbottigenweg 33a
Bern, 3019


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Augment IT

Augment IT is a renowned international company specializing in extended reality (XR), specifically focusing on manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare industries. The company delivers innovative XR software solutions, creating tangible customer value. With prestigious customers and strategic partners like ÖBB, Hilti, Nestle, Andritz, and Arxada and offices in Switzerland, Germany, and Macedonia, Augment IT is the largest XR startup, with continued success.


Background And Achievements:

We support industrial and pharmaceutical companies with production facilities, transport companies, and logistic centers to create value through new possibilities with Extended Reality. We follow a best-of-breed approach and are independent of platforms and mobile devices. The focus is on AR applications that provide our customers with the best possible support in their working environment.

No matter which device, solutions from Augment IT are designed to run on future generations – and are therefore absolutely investment-proof. We have many years of experience and have already developed numerous projects for smartphones, tablets, HoloLens 2, Oculus Quest 2, Magic Leap, RealWear, and Vuzix. Over the years, our projects and product-Inspect AR have been awarded many prestigious awards like Best of Swiss Apps and Juniper Research in various categories.

Challenges For AR:

Augmented Reality (AR) faces several pressing challenges that must be addressed for widespread adoption and advancement. Firstly, there’s the need for improved hardware, such as more compact and lightweight AR glasses with better battery life and processing power. Secondly, AR content creation and integration must become more accessible and user-friendly to encourage content development across various industries. Privacy concerns also loom, necessitating robust data protection measures and transparent policies. Additionally, standardization in AR technology and its compatibility with existing systems is crucial for seamless integration into everyday life. Finally, addressing issues related to the potential addiction or overuse of AR applications and ensuring their responsible usage is vital for the technology’s long-term success.

Why AR:

AR is strategic due to its market potential, ability to enhance user experiences, innovation opportunities, data insights, global reach, and alignment with evolving consumer expectations. It also supports collaboration and remote work, prepares for future technological trends, and often receives government support. AR’s

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