Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance Publishes Latest Research on the Deployment of Wearable AR in Highly Secure Corporate Environments

The research report investigates cybersecurity measures to further enterprise AR adoption

BOSTON, MA – DECEMBER 14, 2023 – Today, the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) published a new research report entitled Deployment of Wearable AR in Highly Secure Corporate Environments. This report investigates barriers to industry adoption of AR related to cybersecurity, with application-level authentication being the most critical.

“Many organizations are rightly concerned about cybersecurity threats and forbid the use of unsecured devices,” said Mark Sage, Executive Director of AREA. “The industry needs to integrate AR hardware and software, including AR applications, with existing enterprise infrastructure while ensuring proper access controls are in place, and that, if an individual device is lost or stolen, no information is compromised.”

The research addresses securing AR content and data at the application layer for multi-user devices. Typically, only one person at a time will use wearable and hand-held XR devices; the sessions must be authenticated, with content and generated artifacts removed once they have ended. Organizations must encrypt simulated sensitive information at rest, in transit to a device, and from the device upon logout or closing of the application.

This research will demonstrate an implementation of application-level authentication in the Unity development framework, the most widely adopted and supported application framework for head-mounted augmented reality devices. The outcome of this research provides a design pattern that organizations can apply in sensitive corporate environments, with a detailed discussion on additional cybersecurity considerations. The research also includes a Unity code that only the AREA members can access.

Please view an executive summary of the research report on the Deployment of Wearable AR in Highly Secure Corporate Environments from the AREA website. Please also consider the website’s executive summaries of other AREA resources and enterprise guidance. To learn about AREA membership, visit the AREA website.

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