Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

PTC-hostedAREA Enterprise AR Interoperability Requirements Workshop

On January 14, 2020, the AREA will conduct its first full-day workshop to brainstorm and document enterprise AR interoperability requirements for workers who can use AR to perform operations on a shop floor more efficiently and safely.

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Enterprise ARInteroperability and Standards

Learn more about the drivers for interoperability and the current status of activities in some of the Standards Development Organizations via a discussion with experts in interoperability and standards.

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AREA Releases Member-Exclusive ROI Calculator and Best Practice Report

Members of the AREA now have the tools and information to measure the return on their AR investments with confidence. The AREA recently distributed the products of its second AREA-funded research project, an ROI Calculator and Best Practice Report.

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Wearable Enterprise AR Security Technical Report Summary

This AREA technical report summary introduces the first, comprehensive research into enterprise wearable AR data security risks

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The AREA Startup Membership is Here!

The AREA’s new Startup Membership offers qualifying organisations the full benefits of a Contributor Membership for just $1500 per year. Learn how you can generate greater awareness of your company, gain access to AREA thought leadership content, network with prospective customers, and more.

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Challenges of Enterprise AR implementation and How Industry Leaders Overcome Them

In this webinar, we spoke with several global enterprises (and AREA members) who have successfully implemented AR solutions and gained substantial business benefit. It’s a “must watch” for anyone interested in learning about Enterprise AR.

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AR Safety and Human Factorsreport and case study

The AREA Research Committee recently distributed to members two deliverables produced as part of the organization’s third research project

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ExxonMobilbecomes the AREA’s 50th member

The AREA reached a milestone recently when ExxonMobil became the first oil and gas company, and the 50th member overall, of the alliance.

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Welcome To

The AREA Augmented Reality Portal

The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) is the only global non-profit, member-based organization dedicated to widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems.

The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) was incorporated in the state of Delaware in December 2013 as a member-driven non-profit organization committed to the global advancement of Augmented Reality technology in enterprise. It emerged out of collaboration between thought leaders and early adopters of AR who share a stake in the successful expansion of a vibrant and healthy AR ecosystem to realize new revenues, cut operational costs, reduce risk to workflow, property and lives, and increase operational successes.

What's going on

Latest News

Visiongain Military Augmented Reality Market Report

Dec 10 2019

Please note The AREA is not affiliated with market reports of this nature, but occasionally shares the information for the...

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SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) Improves Customer Service and Cuts Costs with Scandit’s Barcode Scanning on Smartphones

Dec 10 2019

The mobile app (developed by Stockholm-based Objective Solutions) brings new efficiency and cost savings to workflows using mobile scanning of...

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Wearable technology from a risk management perspective

Dec 9 2019

A short extract from the detailed interview is given below: As part of his role in risk management, Bellows has...

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Nreal Collaborates with Qualcomm & Deutsche Telekom to Build Enterprise AR App

Dec 6 2019

The app enables Nreal Light users to annotate objects within their field of view and stream what they see to...

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Rapid prototyping; 3D Printing is good, but is Mixed Reality better?

Dec 6 2019

In the lifecycle of a product, once the design reviews have been carried out, and a final design has been...

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Dec 5 2019

The world around us is gaining layer upon layer of digitized, virtually overlaid information — making it rich, meaningful, and...

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Enterprise Remote Assistance Success Story for Coesia with XMReality

Dec 5 2019

With over 9,000 employees worldwide, they’re always striving to offer better, more efficient customer service through advanced technological solutions. Watch...

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Ebook The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise AR

Dec 5 2019

With so many possible AR use cases, enterprises can easily get stuck on “How do I get started?” and run...

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Scope AR Quick Guide to AR ROI – free to download

Dec 3 2019

You know that augmented reality (AR) can provide value your organization, but how do you prove it?  For some enterprises,...

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National Defence Advanced AR and VR Headwear

Dec 1 2019

One example is the way troops train for high-end fights against advanced adversaries by providing digitally created enemy forces or...

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Liebherr launches AR App for Construction Heavy Lifting Engineering

Nov 28 2019

The Liebherr AR Experience, which can be downloaded free of charge as an app on smartphones and tablets, projects digital...

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Webinar – Jaguar, Land Rover, LADBible on pushing the XR business case

Nov 28 2019

Immersive XR technology has huge potential to transform business by improving efficiency, boosting productivity and making employee’s lives easier. However,...

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Make UK’s Small Steps for Big Results workshop at National Manufacturing Conference

Nov 28 2019

Manufacturers are looking to reverse this trend by investing in digital capabilities and capital equipment to add value to customers...

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Augmented Reality 2020: An early glance into the best developments of the coming year

Nov 28 2019

Remote AR Augmented reality comes in many forms and one particularly exciting aspect that’s quickly gathering momentum is Remote AR. While...

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AR Supports Defence Service Innovation at Thales

Nov 28 2019

At the company’s Belfast facilities, that innovation has been very much in evidence over the last several years as Thales...

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Gulf Air Mechanics Trial Holographic Training

Nov 27 2019

The technology, along with virtual reality, also has great potential to train new mechanics, as demonstrated at the Dubai air...

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What we are doing


IEEE Article Highlights the AREA’s IoT/AI/AR Convergence Research Project

By Saverio Romeo and Mark Sage
Nov 27 2019

To explore the opportunities and challenges of convergence, the AREA conducted a member-funded research project on the subject. Now, the...

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What are the current business barriers to AR adoption & what is being done to overcome them?

By Michael Rygol, AREA Researcher
Nov 11 2019

In this AREA editorial, we take a look at some of the reasons why some companies are not yet fully...

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Mark Sage, AREA Executive Director
Oct 2 2019

This year, in my role as Executive Director of the AREA, I was excited to be invited to be asked...

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Augumenta Receives Patent for its AR SmartPanel Machine Control

The AREA Editor
Oct 2 2019

AREA:  How would you describe what a virtual panel is and how it can benefit enterprises? Aaltonen: It’s basically the...

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AREA Issues Request for Proposals to Execute Research Project on Web-based Enterprise AR

The AREA Editor
Aug 28 2019

Recently, AREA members voted to have the organization’s sixth member-funded research project focus on the challenges and opportunities ahead for...

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Arvizio’s Jonathan Reeves on Large-Scale AR

The AREA Editor
Aug 8 2019

New AREA member Arvizio is in the news recently, having just released version 4.0 of its MR Studio platform. The...

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AREA Members to Vote on 6th Research Project Proposals

By The AREA Editor
Jul 30 2019

The AREA is currently in the midst of planning its sixth research project with member voting now underway to choose...

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Watch the AREA Research Committee Webinar Recording Featuring Dr. Rafael Radkowski

By The AREA Editor
Jul 19 2019

At an AREA-hosted webinar on July 15th, Dr. Radkowski  shared his latest work on: Computer vision capabilities for tracking and...

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AREA Member Kognitiv Spark Offers Free “Ultimate Guide To AR Pilots”

By AREA Member Kognitiv Spark
Jul 15 2019

Understanding this, AREA member Kognitiv Spark has produced an eBook to help AR rookies make those first steps sure and...

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Wolfgang Stelzle Reflects on New AREA Member RE’FLEKT

AREA Editor
Jul 2 2019

AREA: RE’FLEKT’s growth seems quite robust; to what do you attribute your success? WOLFGANG STELZLE: There are four major factors....

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How to Get Beyond the “Cool Demo” to Full Deployment

By Jim Cassidy and Michael Rygol
Jul 1 2019

But the cool demo can result in a so-called “proof of concept purgatory” where enterprises get locked into a sequence...

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2019 H1 AR Event Season Reveals Growing Interest and Momentum

Mark Sage, Executive Director of the AREA
Jun 21 2019

The months of May and June bring a flurry of AR events that the AREA and its members support. So,...

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A New Division of Labor: IoT, Wearables and the Human Workforce

By Keith Deutsch and Peter Orban
Jun 13 2019

As in previous generations of technology innovation, the deployment of desktop computers initially required a considerable amount of abstraction and...

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Interview with Brian Vogelsang of Qualcomm

The AREA Editor
May 14 2019

AREA: How would you describe Qualcomm’s role in the enterprise AR ecosystem? Vogelsang: We’re a technology provider in the ecosystem,...

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What is Assisted Reality – and How Can You Benefit from It?

Apr 24 2019

AREA: Jay, perhaps you could begin by giving us a quick update on the progress of Upskill. Kim: As the...

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Research: Augmented Reality Marketing Can Be Effective

AREA Editor
Apr 24 2019

A study on Augmented Reality Marketing and Branding The study was conducted by AREA research partner Prof. Philipp Rauschnabel (Universität...

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Come and join us

Upcoming Events

VRX Conference & Expo

San Francisco, US Dec 12-13 2019

Putting customers at the heart of innovation, speakers and attendees will join forces to cut the noise and reveal the best applications of VR & AR/MR. Discover the types of content proving most popular and relevant in the consumer and enterprise markets and where XR can provide the biggest value. VRX provides a forum for...

National Manufacturing Conference 2020

London, UK Feb 25 2020

Join Make UK (formerly known as EEF) on 25 February 2020 for our National Manufacturing Conference at the QEII Centre, London. The manufacturing industry is operating within a highly changeable and evolutionary environment. Our conference provides the perfect opportunity to learn new processes and practices that businesses can implement now to help navigate these uncertainties. We’re...

Intelligent Automation Exchange USA

Fort Lauderdale, USA Mar 3-4 2020

This invitation-only meeting is taking place in Fort Lauderdale on 3 – 4 March 2020. All attendees are senior executives navigating their way through this exciting phase of technology implementation which guarantees the most valuable networking opportunities possible.

World Experience Tech Summit

Dubai, UAE Mar 11-12 2020

World Experience Tech Summit is a platform for Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality Filmmakers, game creators, cutting edge technology innovators contributing to the growth of VR, AR & XR ecosystem. World Experience Tech Summit also provides an opportunity to showcase quality local/global content as well as a platform to educate the audience/studios about...

IoT Tech Expo Global

London, UK Mar 17-18 2020

Exploring the latest innovations within the Internet of Things and covering the impact it has on many industries including manufacturing, transport, supply chain, logistics, automotive, construction, government, energy, utilities, insurance, healthcare and retail, this conference is not to be missed. Key topics examined include: IIoT, connected fleet, smart logistics, building automation, smart grids, energy, cities, future of manufacturing, connectivity solutions,...

2020 Asia VR&AR Fair and Summit

Guangzhou, China May 10-12 2020

This event is targeted at:  those working in the IT industry, software developers, the hardware industry, internet industry, film and television production, entertainment industry, tourism, education industry, design, city construction, theme park, entertainment city, cinema, theater, modern commerce, real estate, security industry and more.

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The AREA 2019 Workshop

AWE Europe 2018: Latest AREA Research & How its Reducing Barriers to AR Adoption

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AREA at AR&VR World, TechXLR8 2018

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The AREA Members

AREA Members Spotlight

RealWear is all about being real. Real transfer of knowledge in real-time.

RealWear’s HMT-1 is the world’s first 100% hands-free wearable computer, controlled only with your voice while keeping your hands free for the work. Companies like Colgate Palmolive, Eastman Chemical, Toyota and State Grid have trusted RealWear to take their industrial workforce to the next level.

Bring out the best in every worker with RealWear.

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What Members Think

Members Testimonials

As thought leaders in Augmented Reality for the utility space, EPRI is contributing to the advancement of the market by joining this important organization.

John J. Simmins, Ph.D.
John J. Simmins, Ph.D. Technical Executive - EPRI

We believe that the AREA will grow to be a one-stop shop for those interested in procuring, developing, and researching enterprise AR technology.  As a charter member, Upskill expects to be at the forefront of content creation relevant to our business and use the AREA as an indirect marketing platform.

Jay Kim
Jay Kim Chief Strategy Officer - Upskill

The AREA is a thought leadership forum that we’re proud to be part of. Being a Contributor member allows us to engage constructively in industry discussions and receive feedback from other market leaders.

Vivek Aiyer
Vivek Aiyer Founder / Director - Appearition Pty Ltd

Augmenting the human in an industrial setting is of strategic importance to contextere and the AREA is the only organization combining both augmented reality and enterprise interests.

Carl Byers
Carl Byers Chief Strategy Officer - Contextere

Our participation as an AREA charter member offers us options to reduce the barriers to AR adoption across our industry.

Paul Davies
Paul Davies Associate Technical Fellow - Boeing

The world of AR is developing rapidly. It is very difficult for a single institution to stay fully abreast of an exponentially expanding sector. By connecting with the AREA, the AMRC with Boeing and Nuclear AMRC will have access to a single point of resource, enabling us to be better informed, and stay at the forefront of the technology.

Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman Head of Digitally Assisted Assembly - AMRC

When the MTC began exploring AR, the AREA was one of the first websites we found. It was filled with valuable information. If you want to be serious about AR, you have to be in the AREA.

David Varela
David Varela Advanced Visualisation Team Lead - MTC

At Proceedix, we are committed to building a strong and active AR ecosystem that delivers effective solutions to enterprises worldwide. Our participation in the AREA will advance that commitment.

Peter Verstraeten
Peter Verstraeten CEO - Proceedix

The consolidation of the ecosystem around products, markets and standards has been the hallmark of mass adoption with any new and emerging technology. The AREA has been the torchbearer building the ecosystem required to widely scale augmented reality inside of enterprise. I have personally been part of AREA since the very beginning and now, at RealWear, look forward too many more years of collaboration!

Andy Lowery
Andy Lowery CEO - RealWear

EyeSucceed understands that the AR ecosystem needs to share knowledge to advance the industry and promote adoption. We believe that participating in the AREA gives us the best opportunity to do that.

Jennifer Tong
Jennifer Tong Co-founder - EyeSucceed

At Iristick, we're passionate about creating wearables that truly meet industry needs. By participating in AREA we get the opportunity to work directly with customers and partners enabling us to create the best solution possible.

Siân Rees
Siân Rees VP Product Management - Iristick

At CrossComm, we believe Augmented Reality has the potential to transform how we interact with the world around us, but it will require the collective vision and collaboration of pioneers to determine practical solutions and best practices within this new computing paradigm. The AREA is a community that fosters such collaboration – and we are proud to be working alongside other members to see AR reach its fullest potential.

Don Shin
Don Shin President and CEO - CrossComm

The AREA is the place where we keep abreast of the latest developments and innovations in enterprise AR, from research & development to use cases and business models.

Vivek Aiyer
Vivek Aiyer Founder / Director - Appearition Pty Ltd

At Pison, we believe it’s vital for members of the AR ecosystem to work together to accelerate solutions development. We are excited to partner with global industry leaders to create and deploy the next generation of AR.

Dexter Ang
Dexter Ang CEO - Pison

As the enterprise smart glasses segment leader, Upskill looks to join other industry leaders in providing thought leadership to influence the way ahead for the enterprise smart glasses market.

Jay Kim
Jay Kim Chief Strategy Officer - Upskill

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