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Company Name:

Avrio Analytics


Alicia Caputo

Email Address:

[email protected]

Contact Number:

719 248 88 70

Company Address:

140 E Glenwood Ave.
Unit 106
Knoxville, TN 37917
United States


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Avrio Analytics

Organisation Description:

Avrio, is a woman-owned software company founded in 2016 focused on leveraging AI to provide scalable, immersive Augmented Reality training for high-risk/low-occurrence events faced by Fire and Law Enforcement First Responders. The company has offices in Denver, CO and Knoxville, TN, with team members across the United States and the ability to serve customers remotely and on-site. Avrio has deep expertise in supporting Augmented Reality training for emergency response in the national security mission space.

Background And Achievements:

Our patented technology was developed by a team of nationally recognized engineers, whose work has been highlighted in front of Congress and the U.N. We provide proven results for mission-critical operations.

Challenges For AR:

Realistic simulation of hazards is dangerous and often impossible for training exercises. Augmented Reality based training allows realistic simulations of hazards, from nuclear material release to deadly attacks, in ways that enhance understanding without sacrificing safety or security while eliminating the cost and logistics of traditional drills.

Why AR:

Our cutting-edge training includes active-shooter, de-escalation, emergency scene size-ups, tabletops, and hazardous material containment. It’s capable of supporting hundreds of simultaneous users, who can be either co-located or remote. By using Augmented Reality, our platform incorporates your physical surroundings with a setup that takes minutes and is the only system that allows you to seamlessly transition from strategic training to tactical drills or dress rehearsals. This adds realism and impact to training, by performing in-depth training in the targeted facility to which you respond.

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