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Alex Berlin - President & COO

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Arvizio delivers enterprise class augmented and mixed reality digital twin experiences utilizing Microsoft HoloLens 2, Magic Leap 2 and tablets and smartphones. AR Instructor enables AR guided workflows to rapidly increases productivity, training and upskilling of the workforce while improving safety, reducing equipment downtime, and eliminating costly travel expenses. Arvizio Immerse 3D software provides rich 3D visualization of BIM/CAD models and point clouds in multi-user, multi-location, collaborative experiences for all project phases.

AR Instructor:

AR Instructor is a scalable SaaS solution, leveraging augmented reality (AR), to guide workers through complex operational, maintenance, repair, and training activities. AR Instructor provides on-the-job guidance using previously prepared step-by-step AR instructions. The solution employs a no-code authoring approach to allow customers and partners to create custom workflows with AR prompts where each step of a guided workflow can be illustrated with video, documents, images, annotations, and 3D models superimposed on objects in the user’s field of view.

AR Instructor provides real-time collaboration allowing field workers and remote experts to share information using see-what-I-see video, audio, markups, and other tools to assist the field worker. Specific procedures requiring expert assistance for work validation, or additional oversight, can be seamlessly incorporated in the workflow.

AR Instructor also offers a synchronized hybrid-AR solution combining mobile devices and AR headsets. The AR Instructor mobile device app can be used to scan bar codes and feed the data to the application running on the headset. Workers can easily, and accurately, identify equipment to select the appropriate model(s) and guided instructions to overlay in AR.

Immerse 3D:

Immerse 3D allows customers to conduct fully synchronized collaborative, multi-user, multi-location AR/MR sessions utilizing optimized, complex BIM/CAD models, LiDAR point clouds and photogrammetry scenes. Immerse 3D includes remote rendering capabilities which enables models and scans with billions of points and hundreds of millions of polys, to be streamed to AR/MR devices which are incapable of rendering such massive models.

Associated documents, photos and other project data can be incorporated into the experience for full end-to-end project management – from initial customer engagement and design phase to construction monitoring and design vs. built. In addition, these sessions can be conducted via web meeting platforms where participants can visualize AR digital twins, fully synchronized, via headsets and/or mobile devices. Immerse 3D supports more than 30+ spatial data formats and includes native ingestion of Revit and Navisworks via our plugins and seamless integration with BIM 360.

Background And Achievements

Arvizio was founded in 2016, in Ottawa, Canada with a mission to deliver the next generation of mixed reality team collaboration and visualization technology to a range of markets including AEC, Energy, Manufacturing, Engineering, Mining and Utilities. Our team consists of successful entrepreneurs and engineers with an extensive background in networking, spatial data and communications technology.

Arvizio’s patented augmented reality software delivers an exciting opportunity for enterprises looking to digitally transform their marketing, design, project management, field service and training processes. The move to a remote workforce, the rapidly growing demand for cutting-edge AR solutions and the increasing prevalence of 5G cellular technology combine to make Arvizio well positioned to capitalize on this high-growth, emerging market.

We are a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner and actively collaborate with Magic Leap, Qualcomm and Autodesk on delivering powerful Augmented Reality and Digital Twin software solutions to enterprise clients in all verticals.

Challenges For AR

Digital transformation is rapidly accelerating in many industries where organizations are increasingly utilizing AR/MR solutions to deliver innovative digital twin experiences with industrial scale 3D models and LiDAR scans. Standalone headsets and mobile AR are the future of XR, offering portability, lower cost, and ease of use. However, 3D CAD, BIM and LiDAR models used by industry are too complex for mobile processors. We developed Immerse 3D to help address this challenge. Download the Immerse 3D Solution Brief to find out more.

Why AR

We believe that there are several strategic benefits to the adoption and integration of AR, including:

  • Increased efficiency of remote maintenance, improved safety, and training with guided AR
  • Remote expert assistance allows less skilled employees to support complex tasks in the field
  • Winning new business, offering improved customer experience with AR Digital Twin solutions
  • Acceleration of product decisions and project approvals, shorter time to production and revenues
  • Significant operational cost savings with use of Digital Twins vs physical prototypes
  • Providing AR/MR experiences to win business with effective visual marketing techniques.
  • Improving efficiency in the workplace through multi-user remote AR collaboration
  • Identifying and correcting design issues throughout the entire project lifecycle with the ability to involve stakeholders, local and remote, in the experience.
  • Using life-size models, at accurate scale, to make decisions with confidence.
  • Providing training, quality control and safety instruction to improve results and retention.

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