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Tony Hodgson

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[email protected]

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1806 University Dr NW
Huntsville, AL 35801


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Ethar, Inc., is a cadre of engineers, scientists and business professionals developing XR solutions for enterprise applications, including Ethar™, a platform for intelligent discovery, management, and monetization of AR/VR experiences.


Background And Achievements:

Ethar, Inc. and our predecessor company, Brainwaive LLC, have been long-time members of the AREA and served in leadership roles across various international standards organization championing the cause of open, interoperable AR. Brainwaive performed both the first AREA member-funded research project on Wearable Enterprise AR Security, and the sixth research project on the use of WebXR in enterprise applications. We have also contributed a white paper on How AR Applications Work, and for three years served as the Chair for the AREA Security Committee.

Challenges For AR:

Open and interoperable mapping and localization tools, and a crowd-sourced Reality Model of the world.

Why AR:

AR is the next step in evolution of the human-computer interaction. It is the next transformation powering the relationships between people, places and things in our world.

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