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Johan De Geyter

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[email protected]

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Lamorinièrestraat 123
2018 Antwerp


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Iristick, headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, designs, builds and provides smart eyewear solutions for global industries. With our software partners, we enable hands-free digitization of business processes and remote assistance abilities by leveraging computing power and the connectivity of widespread mobile technology and wearable devices.

Background and Achievements

    • Launch of first product, Iristick.Z1 glasses, in June 2017 at AWE (USA)
    • Launch of discovery program for enterprises and developers providing access to our hardware, SDK and technical support for developers who want to maximize the potential of their industrial software applications
    • Winner of the Red Dot Design Award
    • Awarded with Horizon 2020 SME breakthrough innovation grant
    • Finalist of Humanitarian Grand Challenge (USAID)

Challenges to be Addressed by AR

Iristick is focused purely on industrial applications, such as procedural processes and remote assistance, you-see-what-I-see applications. By harnessing the power of existing mobile devices, users can work hands-free in remote locations and have access to the latest real-time information.

Why AR is a Strategic Area

The emergence of more and more AR and assisted-reality applications continues to expand the possibilities of how Iristick can improve efficiency, reduce error rates and improve user comfort and safety in industry.

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