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RealWear, Inc.


Aaron Cohen

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1851 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 120
Milpitas, CA 95035 USA


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RealWear is transforming how enterprise gets work done. Purpose-built for heavy industry, RealWear is innovating solutions that withstand the harshest and most unpredictable industrial environments and are as rugged and tough as the workers who use them. The company’s flagship product, the HMT-1, transcends enterprise tablets and smart glasses as the world’s first voice-driven, completely hands-free, head-mounted wearable computing device. Implementing hardware, software, cloud, and AI, RealWear is the future of the connected industrial worker.

Background and Achievements

Most recently the winner of the Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award for Industrial Wearables, RealWear has been widely recognized by the world’s best Fortune 500 companies as the leading company in ruggedized wearable computing.  With MIL STD 810G rating for 2-meter drop to concrete and IP66 rating for sustained high-pressure water spray, the HMT-1 is also the only device that is 100% compatible with existing ANSI/OSHA certified hard hats and safety glasses.  In fact, premiere PPE manufacturer, MSA, recently completed successful testing to ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 Type I force transmission testing of their V Gard hard hat with HMT-1 clipped in.

Challenges to be Addressed by AR

Industries such as heavy manufacturing, energy production, electrical transmission, facilities maintenance, and construction are facing a workforce development crisis.  Significant challenges in attracting and training a new generation of workers are exacerbated by a retiring workforce that is leaving their companies and taking decades of Tribal Knowledge with them.  Many of our customers are already utilizing AR on the HMT-1 for workflow, data visualization and training applications.

Why AR is a Strategic Area

AR is the user interface for the industrial internet of Things.  RealWear builds products that deliver real-time, contextually relevant information to mobile workers.  We believe that the connected worker of the future will improve productivity, reduce errors, and increase safety as a result of using AR capabilities.

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