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May Masson

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Immersal, part of Hexagon, is a technology company, we offer Spatial Mapping and Visual Positioning Tools. Our VPS can be used in both, small and large locations, for example, enabling AR navigation in large shopping malls, AR fan engagement experiences in stadiums, friends finding in theme parks, etc. Developers can choose to map using Immersal Mapper (runs on most iOS and Android devices), 360 camera, Polycam, and Leica devices such as BLKARC, BLK2GO, and BLK2FLY. 
We support on-server and on-device localization, meaning end users can get accurate positioning even with poor internet or no internet connections. Users can experience the content through many supported devices, such as iOS and Android phones, and headwear devices for example: Rokid, Hololens, Magic Leap, XReal Light, and many more.

Background And Achievements

Immersal was founded in 2025. The Immersal team is made up of massively experienced serial entrepreneurs with background in 3D graphics, gaming, and web technologies. Most of our founders have been active demosceners since the early 90s and are pioneers in the Finnish gaming scene.

Challenges For AR

Immersal Visual Positioning System (VPS) is a horizontal solution for many verticals, it can be adapted to enhance various processes and operations across multiple vertical industries. For example: Indoor navigation, BIM data overlay, health and safety, training & education, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. VPS can integrate with other technologies like AR, IoT, and big data analytics to provide enhanced capabilities. For instance, combining VPS with AR can offer immersive navigation experiences in museums or large retail centers.

Why AR

AR is a strategic area for VPS because it significantly enhances the functionality and user experience of visual positioning by providing immersive, precise, and context-aware interactions. This synergy opens up new possibilities across various industries, drives innovation, and offers a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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