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Christine Perey

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PEREY Research & Consulting

PEREY Research & Consulting is a boutique consulting firm serving emerging mobile technology builders, providers and buyers globally from our offices in Montreux, Switzerland. Our research and strategic planning services, innovation projects and community initiatives accelerate company growth and market expansion by identifying key obstacles that can be addressed with disruptive new products and services.

Background and Achievements

PEREY Research & Consulting has focused on multimedia communications since 1991. We are widely recognized as a thought leader in the coming of age of multimedia on the Internet and the birth of the Web as a multi-modal communications platform. Our analyses and guidance published in hundreds of informational products, from white papers to comprehensive reports, are the basis for many business plans and have spawned new industries. We advocate for and promote the use of open systems for widespread technology integration and adoption into existing information management systems.

We have evolved with the times. In the 90s we worked with architects on the earliest standards for real time digital data transmission for personal video communications (e.g. H.320, H.323, SIP among others). We migrated to serve mobile communication technology businesses in 2004 and promptly discovered the potential for Mobile Augmented Reality, through its relationships with the Internet of Things and Big Data, to continue what the Internet began 20 years before. We have founded, joined and lead numerous successful communities of people with shared interests in sensor-rich environments with AR for visualization, from consumer to enterprise communications, with projects and initiatives that transform how people think of and use their information assets.

Challenges to be Addressed by AR

Since 2010 our vision that Augmented Reality would profoundly change how people live and work was echoed by many futurists and technology scouts. Augmented Reality was the darling of the technology industry. However, the required components were not of the same maturity level, failed to be integrated seamlessly and did not fully deliver on the many promises made. AR is in the trough of disillusionment. We believe that the potential for AR to produce big changes remains high but it will be first measured in controlled environments and with systems that rely on and are vulnerable due to the human in the middle.

Why AR is a Strategic Area

People—consumers as well as professionals in an enterprise or industrial setting—need to be well informed in real time in order to rapidly and reliably make decisions in their connected environments. Before we reach deployments that deliver on the promise of Augmented Reality, those who design, build and maintain our information systems need to be convinced of the value of visualizing accurate, data safely in the workplace. PEREY Research & Consulting is working towards breakthroughs in AR to be proven in enterprise and industrial settings, after which mass market adoption will follow and enable AR to continue what the Internet began.

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