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  • AREA 2017 Annual AR Ecosystem Survey

    The purpose of this study is to work with the AREA members and the wider Enterprise AR Ecosystem to evaluate the market conditions through 2016 and identify the potential trends in 2017 thus providing valuable thought leadership and industry insight.

  • Webinar: Discussing AI & AR in the Enterprise

    Thursday, March 16, 2017 | 4:30 PM (GMT) | Expert analyst and practice leader Michael Azoff from Ovum, and Mark Sage, executive director of the AR for Enterprise Alliance (AREA), will explore the bleeding edge of enterprise technology development, and answer your questions on deploying AI and AR for business.

  • Why AR for Enterprise

    Enterprise needs differ widely and many share attributes with consumer needs. We explain why the use of AR in enterprise is so compelling and how you can benefit.

  • Get Acquainted with the AR Ecosystem

    We’re all part of the ecosystem of enterprise AR. Learn about your segment and those with which you are going to do business in the future.

  • AREA Webinar | Augmented Reality in the Aerospace Industry

    Many companies in the aerospace industry are studying how their counterparts in the military and automotive industries have used Augmented Reality. Some are leading with projects to deploy AR to improve their workplace performance and safety, as well as . . .

News & Events

VRAR Association in Vancouver

VR/AR Association in Vancouver

A post on by Kate Wilson, takes a look at the VR/AR Association in Vancouver and the significance of AR in the marketplace.  In this upbeat piece, AR is introduced to the reader by Read more...

Video Highlight

AREA Members at AWE

Smart glasses are increasingly being chosen by the leading industrial companies of the world to drive meaningful outcomes. In this inspirational presentation, real stories will be shared on how businesses are deploying smart glasses into production environments today, alongside the vision of where it all goes from here. Businesses are investing into smart glasses with visions on how it begins to transform the workplace today alongside other industry 4.0 drivers such as industrial IoT, big data analytics, and the connected workers. Ultimately, smart glasses connect the human workforce with the intelligence of machines and data, enabling people to keep pace with the machines.

A New Look!

Notice that new logo? We are in the process of updating the AREA brand and website. You will start to see the new AREA branding as we phase it in, culminating in the launch of our new website in March 2017.

Why the change? We're rebranding to ensure our identity better reflects our values, mission and position in the AR ecosystem. As the AR industry and AREA’s membership continue to grow, our updated brand will allow us to fully embody the value we provide. Of course, the mission of the area remains the same: to help accelerate the adoption of Enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) by creating a comprehensive ecosystem.

Our new website will be easier to navigate, with exciting new features and more resources to help you develop and implement your AR strategy. We look forward to sharing it with you soon!

Our Members at CES 2017! CES is an internationally renowned electronic and technology tradeshow, attracting major companies and 170,000 industry professionals from 153 countries. The annual show is held each…

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Case Studies
Augmented Reality in Manufacturing at the Boeing Company - Lessons Learned and Future Directions

This report summarizes problems and solutions identified in “Augmented Reality: Development and Implementation for Manufacturing at Boeing,” by Paul Davies and David Lee, a case study published by the Boeing Company in March 2014.

White Papers
Augmented Reality in the Navy-A Roadmap

 This document, released on 30 September 2015, describes Augmented Reality and use cases in the Navy. It is made available to the public with permission from the author. The Navy Augmented Reality Community (NARC) self-organized with a common passion for AR, and with a desire to work more effectively across NRE boundaries to advance the state of the art. 

Case Studies
Order Picking with Augmented Reality Smartglasses

Although often considered a nuisance, order picking is one of the most important steps in supply chain logistics and warehousing, accounting for approximately 20% of all logistics costs and up to 55% of the total cost of warehousing5 . Moreover, order picking is the last supply chain step before goods are delivered to the customer. Mistakes made in this step cannot be undone internally anymore and thus directly influence the customer’s perceived quality of...