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Opportunities and Challenges of Enterprise Augmented Reality

In December 2015, Paul Davies of The Boeing Company and Matt Kammerait of DAQRI took the opportunity to discuss the opportunities and challenges of enterprise Augmented Reality development and deployment when together at the Web Summit in Los Angeles, CA.

Watch the video of their fireside chat to learn the vision, challenges and lessons learned by Boeing and DAQRI. Explore our members’ profile pages to discover the diversity of organizations already in the enterprise AR ecosystem. Check out our membership information page to learn the benefits of joining the AREA.

About the AREA

The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) is the only global non-profit, member-based organization dedicated to widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems.

Sponsor members as of July 1, 2016 include
AERTEC Solutions, APX Labs, Atheer, Augmate, The Boeing Company, Bosch, CN2 Technology, Contextere, DAQRI, Design Mill, DIOTA, Electric Power Research Institute, Huawei, iQagent, Newport News Shipbuilding, PEREY Research & Consulting, Six15 Technologies, and Talent Swarm.

The organization provides high-quality, vendor-neutral content and programs. Discover the benefits of joining the AREA by visiting our
membership information page. To schedule a meeting, or if you have any questions or feedback,
contact us today.

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Although engineers are the core of the AREA membership, not all AREA members are engineers. Solving the industry's challenges requires a multidisciplinary effort, and the AREA is a place for all of today's industry professionals, regardless of experience or course of study.

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Case Studies
Augmented Reality in Manufacturing at the Boeing Company - Lessons Learned and Future Directions

This report summarizes problems and solutions identified in “Augmented Reality: Development and Implementation for Manufacturing at Boeing,” by Paul Davies and David Lee, a case study published by the Boeing Company in March 2014.

White Papers
Augmented Reality in the Navy-A Roadmap

 This document, released on 30 September 2015, describes Augmented Reality and use cases in the Navy. It is made available to the public with permission from the author. The Navy Augmented Reality Community (NARC) self-organized with a common passion for AR, and with a desire to work more effectively across NRE boundaries to advance the state of the art. 

Case Studies
Order Picking with Augmented Reality Smartglasses

Although often considered a nuisance, order picking is one of the most important steps in supply chain logistics and warehousing, accounting for approximately 20% of all logistics costs and up to 55% of the total cost of warehousing5 . Moreover, order picking is the last supply chain step before goods are delivered to the customer. Mistakes made in this step cannot be undone internally anymore and thus directly influence the customer’s perceived quality of...