Agfa Partners with Fieldbit for Remote Inkjet Field Services Augmented Reality Solution

AREA member Fieldbit, a leading developer of real-time augmented reality collaboration solutions, announced it is partnering with the Agfa-Gevaert Group to conduct a field test that will add Fieldbit’s end-to-end software platform to its existing inkjet field support services.

Agfa’s Inkjet support group within Europe, NAFTA and LATAM will now have at its disposal Fieldbit’s innovative AR technologies that enable the frontline workforce in remote locations to collaborate with subject matter experts in real time via smart eyeglasses, smartphones, mobile devices, and web browsers. The Fieldbit multi-source collaboration includes a shared “see-what-I see” field of view, step-by-step automated guidance through logical procedures for preventive maintenance, and APIs for augmenting industrial IoT real-time data or real-time data from legacy automation systems.

“Fieldbit is seeking to change the mode of operation in remote field services by creating, capturing, and sharing accumulated organizational knowledge once held only in the minds of a few experts,” said Evyatar Meiron, CEO of Fieldbit. “We are thrilled to be working with Agfa’s inkjet support team and improving on what they already do. We will be able to empower teams on the ground to resolve issues via AR remote assistance thereby reducing the need for technician visits and helping businesses realize substantial savings.”

The Fieldbit platform also enables call centers and technicians to remotely guide their customers, thus avoiding costly on-site visits. Agfa’s Inkjet support team is one of the largest organizations in the digital print and chemicals industry, with 170 employees at its headquarters and field offices around the globe.

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