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Industry Reborn – how tech is changing the way we make things – Dassault Systems

Sep 17 2019

As information technology remakes the modern factory, forward-looking companies are creating virtual worlds to optimize real-world manufacturing. The rewards include...

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Microsoft HoloLens AR glasses that could boost productivity on Crossrail

Sep 16 2019

The example used is via the building of Crossrail.  Crossrail is the new high frequency, high capacity railway for London and...

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Iristick announces First smart glasses in the world compatible with iOS phones
Sep 15 2019

From the start, Iristick made the choice to tether the Iristick smart glasses to a smartphone. This combines the best...

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Augmented and Virtual Reality in the Healthcare Market

Sep 10 2019

The AREA is not affiliated with the producers of market reports however, many headline findings coming out of these reports...

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Magic Leap Teams With Brainlab, SyncThink, And XRHealth For Medical AR

Sep 9 2019

Magic Leap’s $2,300 spatial computing platform Magic Leap One may be too expensive for most consumers, but like other early augmented reality devices, enterprise...

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Schlumberger on user adoption of AR with Ubimax and RealWear

Sep 3 2019

This is a great recording of a session on how to get started with improving user adoption of augmented reality. ...

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The future of AR platforms – interview with Soulaiman Itani CEO of Atheer

Aug 21 2019

The interview starts with a little background on Itani’s background and how the company started and that the name Atheer...

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Agfa Partners with Fieldbit for Remote Inkjet Field Services Augmented Reality Solution

Aug 6 2019

Agfa’s Inkjet support group within Europe, NAFTA and LATAM will now have at its disposal Fieldbit’s innovative AR technologies that...

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ThirdEye Gen partners with Dolphin Medical Imaging to bring mixed reality tech to healthcare

Aug 5 2019

The promise of mixed reality – which involves the merging of real and virtual worlds through a technological device –...

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Atheer Acquires Flype to Accelerate Augmented Reality’s Adoption in the Enterprise

Aug 2 2019

This acquisition accelerates the development of Atheer’s award-winning Augmented Reality Management Platform by combining Atheer’s existing leading real-time collaboration capabilities...

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