How Augmented Reality is helping Manufacturers Go Green

In an article entitled Green Manufacturers Are Discovering the Merits of Augmented Reality, Christian Garci explores how augmented Reality technology can help companies “go green”.

Seventy-one percent of manufacturers have a sustainability plan in place.

We often debate the role of technology in the field of sustainability. There is no disputing the fact that new advances in technology have led to the use of more energy, which is obviously continuing to have a terrible impact on the environment.

However, new technology can also be advantageous in the fight against environmental problems like the loss of natural resources and climate change in other ways. It can offer newer, more efficient ways to solve existing problems. This can lead to more energy efficient solutions with lower carbon footprints. It can also help products be more durable, which means that they won’t need to waste as many resources.

One of the new forms of technology that can help manufacturers improve sustainability is augmented reality.

In order for the computer to create this environment, it has to use many sensory modalities. Basically, your vision and hearing will be heightened since these are sharpened.

Augmented reality is also combined with artificial intelligence, and this has led to many breakthroughs in a wide range of fields.

AR has greatly improved manufacturing processes. It has made training a lot easier and faster, improved the performance of operators, enhanced throughput and other processes.

Companies that want to embrace sustainability should invest in the right augmented reality technology. Augmented reality can provide instructions for assembly processes, maintenance, machine setup change over and more.  Thanks to these real time visuals, it helps to decrease the amount of time it takes to understand instructions improving workflow and productivity.

The author then goes on to explore the AR Benefits for Sustainable Companies in more detail which can be read on the original article.

1. Avoid wasting natural resources and energy building prototypes by enabling you to make products come to life

2. More energy and resource efficient processes

3. Makes complex processes simpler

4. Visualized workflow for simple troubleshooting

5. Lower cost

Augmented reality is certainly unprecedented in its ability to make processes much clearer and integrate data. This will help users to easily understand problems, fix them and even prevent them from happening.

Augmented Reality Helps Manufacturers Be Eco-Friendlier

There are a lot of new technological breakthroughs that can help drive sustainability. Augmented reality is one of them. These benefits will help manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint and compete against less environmentally friendly companies.


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