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Iristick announces First smart glasses in the world compatible with iOS phones
Sep 15 2019

From the start, Iristick made the choice to tether the Iristick smart glasses to a smartphone. This combines the best...

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Schlumberger on user adoption of AR with Ubimax and RealWear

Sep 3 2019

This is a great recording of a session on how to get started with improving user adoption of augmented reality. ...

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The future of AR platforms – interview with Soulaiman Itani CEO of Atheer

Aug 21 2019

The interview starts with a little background on Itani’s background and how the company started and that the name Atheer...

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Agfa Partners with Fieldbit for Remote Inkjet Field Services Augmented Reality Solution

Aug 6 2019

Agfa’s Inkjet support group within Europe, NAFTA and LATAM will now have at its disposal Fieldbit’s innovative AR technologies that...

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ThirdEye Gen partners with Dolphin Medical Imaging to bring mixed reality tech to healthcare

Aug 5 2019

The promise of mixed reality – which involves the merging of real and virtual worlds through a technological device –...

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Atheer Acquires Flype to Accelerate Augmented Reality’s Adoption in the Enterprise

Aug 2 2019

This acquisition accelerates the development of Atheer’s award-winning Augmented Reality Management Platform by combining Atheer’s existing leading real-time collaboration capabilities...

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Smart Factory Test Bed Drives Manufacturing Innovation

Jul 10 2019

Greg Clark visited the Factory 2050 in Sheffield to see how a powerful private sector consortium led by Rolls-Royce and...

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Three roadblocks to avoid when choosing the right AR use case

Jul 5 2019

Montgomerie writes “It’s a thrill to see how rapidly AR and other technologies are evolving. And it’s just as gratifying...

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In a tight labor market, AR helps distribute knowledge and skills in the field

Jul 3 2019

Tesla, incidentally, trialed Google Glass but has since gone on to patent its own AR headset system, a testament to...

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LogistiVIEW Technology in Kenco Logistics Warehouse Reported by DC Velocity

Jul 3 2019

Innovation specialists will assess value-added technology and provide advanced visibility into various efforts focused on testing potential supply chain management...

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