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5G and ThirdEye Gen mixed reality glasses help change how we see the world

Apr 29 2019

Mixed/Augmented Reality glasses require a high bandwidth to effortlessly transfer the large amount of data that AR/MR requires.  With Verizon’s...

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Vuzix Partners with SightCall to Deliver a See-What-I-See Field Service Solution

Apr 29 2019

By leveraging their propriety global cloud communication platform, SightCall brings a robust, enterprise grade video solution to their customers. SightCall...

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How AR and VR are driving return on investment in the Enterprise Reality Ecosystem

Apr 29 2019

The article features many quotes and figures from thought leaders who are members of The AREA, Augmented Reality for Enterprise...

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Forbes Extended Reality Roundup by Charlie Fink

Apr 27 2019

The latest article includes a roundup that mentions some of the AREA’s members and the great work they are doing...

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RealWear announces Shell Selects HMT-1Z1 and HMT-1 Hands free computers for field workers

Apr 8 2019

From RealWear’s Press Release: “A new era of computing has arrived. Just as laptops and mobile phones are standard for...

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Augmented reality, virtual reality industry game changers

Apr 4 2019

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies in the mechanical sector are designed to offer contractors a leg up, namely saving...

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Atheer Air’s new release increases capabilities and productivity for enterprises

Apr 1 2019

The new release is designed to further empower enterprises with richer reporting and analytics, enhancements to the “See What I See”...

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The Future of Industrial Innovation Is Happening at PTC Reality Lab

Mar 30 2019

PTC is a technology company that made a name for itself in the CAD and PLM markets over the past...

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Vital Enterprises Providing Augmented Reality Superpowers To Industrial Manufacturing

Mar 29 2019

Vital Enterprises is a company based at the Runway Innovation Hub in San Francisco. The company was founded in 2013...

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How Porsche Transformed Automotive Dealer Service with AR

Mar 19 2019

Previous articles have examined other talks such as by Scope AR another AREA member. Joining the list is Atheer‘s work with Porsche to...

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