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The future of AR platforms – interview with Soulaiman Itani CEO of Atheer

Aug 21 2019

The interview starts with a little background on Itani’s background and how the company started and that the name Atheer...

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Agfa Partners with Fieldbit for Remote Inkjet Field Services Augmented Reality Solution

Aug 6 2019

Agfa’s Inkjet support group within Europe, NAFTA and LATAM will now have at its disposal Fieldbit’s innovative AR technologies that...

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ThirdEye Gen partners with Dolphin Medical Imaging to bring mixed reality tech to healthcare

Aug 5 2019

The promise of mixed reality – which involves the merging of real and virtual worlds through a technological device –...

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Fieldbit: How Augmented Reality Simplifies Your Repairs and Maintenance

Jul 31 2019

The Power of AR for Information Delivery In truth, technicians should be embracing the rise of augmented reality maintenance and...

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The risk of getting into technical debt by Theorem Solutions

Jul 10 2019

David Francis writes: It is incredibly encouraging how many companies are now embarking on an XR (eXtended Reality) journey. Many...

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Revolution on the factory floor at Siemens – Forbes Insights

Jul 10 2019

Fueled by advances in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and computing speed, businesses — from auto to aerospace to...

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Three roadblocks to avoid when choosing the right AR use case

Jul 5 2019

Montgomerie writes “It’s a thrill to see how rapidly AR and other technologies are evolving. And it’s just as gratifying...

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LogistiVIEW Technology in Kenco Logistics Warehouse Reported by DC Velocity

Jul 3 2019

Innovation specialists will assess value-added technology and provide advanced visibility into various efforts focused on testing potential supply chain management...

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Airbus deploys Microsoft’s HoloLens, pushes mixed reality plans further

Jul 1 2019

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has deployed Microsoft’s mixed reality (MR) Hololens devices in a bid to speed production and improve training...

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Volvo Wants To Develop Future Cars Using Augmented Reality

May 31 2019

The two companies have made it possible for somebody to drive a real car while wearing an augmented reality headset,...

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