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ABOM® Introduces First Fully Integrated Augmented Reality (AR) Goggle Designed to Meet Military Standards and Extreme Use-Case Performance

May 31 2019

The ABOM P3 Goggle design integrates display technology that feature stereoscopic dual displays with ultra-high brightness output with adjustable control...

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Augmented reality is transforming the engineering and industrial value chain

May 28 2019

Effective augmented reality applications can be straightforward to conceptualize, create, and implement. With modern authoring tools, developers can create immersive...

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Augmented Reality in Nursing

May 20 2019

AR employs displays, cameras, and various types of sensors to augment the user’s real-world environment with artificial perceptual experience. While...

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Atheer Supports AR Enterprise Enablement with New RFP Template

May 15 2019

Writing a Request for Proposal (RFP) can be tough – especially when you are seeking proposals on a new technology...

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Hardened Wearables Bring Help Into the Field

May 14 2019

Companies mentioned in the article include RealWear Inc (AREA member), Tacit, Chevron, Microsoft, Honeywell and Trimble. The equipment attaches to...

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Forbes: How VR, AR And MR Are Making A Positive Impact On Enterprise

May 13 2019

According to a report from the Capgemini Research Institute, 82 percent of companies currently implementing XR say the benefits are either...

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Augmented Reality The Future of Medicine

May 3 2019

Augmented Reality can change brain surgery thanks to powerful diagnostic platforms, revolutionize radiology, and open new doors to reconstructive surgery....

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MTC visualisation team joins Microsoft mixed reality partner programme

Apr 30 2019

The visualisation team at the Coventry-based MTC has been made a partner of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Programme – one of...

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IBM to provide Lenovo high-tech support via emerging tech including augmented reality

Apr 29 2019

It’s the latest agreement between the two tech giants since Lenovo acquired IBM’s personal computing business in 2005. Lenovo’s server...

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How AR and VR are driving return on investment in the Enterprise Reality Ecosystem

Apr 29 2019

The article features many quotes and figures from thought leaders who are members of The AREA, Augmented Reality for Enterprise...

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