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Fieldbit provides an enterprise collaboration platform and knowledge capturing for digitizing field services using real-time augmented reality with smart glasses and smartphones on iOS and Android, live video and an online AR editor, and cloud computing on existing CRM, ERP and Field Service Management systems. Remote experts can send precise visual instructions to field technicians or users, guiding them through a problem resolution cycle. Fieldbit’s platform also allows enterprises to create, capture, and share knowledge across the entire organization.

Background And Achievements

Fieldbit was founded in 2014 by a team of entrepreneurs with rich experience in industrial automation, computer science, and technology development and leadership. Out field-proven products merge agile development of innovative technologies with an in-depth understanding of the challenges of managing digital transformation in large field service organizations.
Fieldbit’s enterprise-grade, end-to-end solution enables industrial organizations to achieve their twin goals of operational efficiency and revenue growth from service and support products. Fieldbit is the market leader in field service digitalization and has been recognized by Gartner, Vinci, GE Digital and other industry leaders for its smart solutions and innovative technologies.

Challenges For AR

In field services, AR annotations are used for remote guidelines. AR technology enables implementing visual and accurate instructions that can show to a remote user (equipment operator, field technician, subcontractor) how to fix the problem or to set up the equipment. It is important that AR content can be generated in real time and immediately transmitted to a remote user.
Another important advantage of AR is the possibility to augment IoT data and present it as context-sensitive information at the right moment and in the right location. Today, with growing volumes of data uploaded to the cloud, it is important to show to a user only those pieces of data that one needs about the equipment.
In addition, AR can also be used to create the new class of visual and interactive maintenance and service procedures.

Why AR

AR is poised for explosive growth in industrial usage. AR is no longer a primarily consumer application. We expect industrial companies in a variety of industries to expand their usage of AR for repairing major pieces of equipment in the field. From monitoring technologies on a pipeline to servicing medical imaging equipment in hospitals, the breadth of examples for the use of the technology shows huge growth potential.

Moreover, with the skills gap becoming more prevalent between expert engineers and technicians, augmented reality will be needed to help bridge that void, and many companies will continue to demand even more of it. As industrial companies can find new efficiencies in capturing practical knowledge acquired during tutorials, these organizations will see the benefits in terms of time and money and drive even greater growth of AR platforms for industrial use.

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