Sparking Productivity with Hands-Free AR, with Kognitiv Spark’s Yan Simard

Hands-free AR devices like those made by AREA member Kognitiv Spark are changing the way we work by helping us all work smarter, not harder. CEO Yan Simard featured on this episode of the XR for Business podcast, to remind enterprises shy to get started enhancing the workplace with XR technologies will — should they wait too long — be left in the dust.

Background on guest speaker Yan Simard, CEO of Kognitiv Spark. He’s designed and led many innovative business ventures through his own startups. He also has extensive professional experience with companies such as CGI, Zaptap, Vision Coaching, AIS, Incite Wellness, Bell Canada, Industrial Alliance, and more.

Simard said “We believe that mixed and augmented reality, if used right, can not only allow frontline and field workers to stay relevant, but make them more crucial than ever before.”

A transcript of the 32 minute video can be read on Kognitiv Spark’s blog along with the XR for Business Podcast recording itself which you can listen to.

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