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Worth checking out is a write up in Forbes by Charlie Fink on the sixth annual Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit, organized by AREA member Brainxchange, who also arranges Augmented World Expo – AWE.

Fink writes, “Brainxchange has consolidated its position at the nexus of the growing enterprise XR ecosystem, with the ability to bring together both augmented reality companies and the large enterprises that are now testing and implementing XR solutions.

For EWTS, Brainxchange focused on securing participation from the end user, and achieved a 75-25 ratio of buyers to sellers. They invited process innovation executives from Fortune 1000 companies from all over the world one at a time to share their experiences implementing XR in their workflows.

Michael Gonzalez, Head of Audience Development at BrainXchange told us when he identifies end users that are seriously considering or actively deploying XR, he will go above and beyond to get them to attend, even if that means calling 47 times over two years. As a result, for the first time at an XR conference, buyers outnumbered sellers. Their use cases were front and center, illustrating why enterprise XR is at an inflection point.

The use cases revealed qualities companies look for when bringing new solutions to their specific business process. While spatial computing had its powerful cameo at the show, mundane tasks like VR training, remote experts (see-what-I-see), and work instructions were the stars, though glamorous they are not. The emerging killer apps were again confirmed to be training and simulation, knowledge capture, remote experts, and work instructions.

All aspects of XR are discussed including platforms and hardware such as head mounted displays.   A number of AR providers who are also AREA members are mentioned in the article – which also features product visuals, new features and information about new releases.

AREA members featured in the article who attended EWTS 2019 and showcased products include:

Upskill, REFLEK’T, Epson, Scope AR, PTC Vuforia, Qualcomm, Vuzix and RealWear, ThirdEye and Lenovo.

To read the full original article click here – Process Innovation Execs Define XR in Dallas.

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