RealWear Assists in Repairing Coke Drums

A recent article on Becht discusses a project that they utilised AREA member RealWear’s Augmented Reality smart glasses for.

The project was to perform a “repair versus replace” analysis at an Indian Refinery for coke drums that were failing. Due to the pandemic and travel limitations, the team was unable to be on site for inspections and field walk-downs.

To solve this issue, Becht used Ingenero, an in-country subcontractor, to perform the walk-down virtually with RealWear smart glasses. This enabled the experts to be present for important field visits in real time.

Using RealWear’s AR glasses facilitated a better perspective. Photos and drawings are only two-dimensional, but the technology provided a helpful 3D view. Most challenges faced by Becht’s clients can be overcome using the latest technology.

To read the full article, visit here. For RealWear’s AREA member profile, click here.

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