How do we make AR instructions if we don’t have 3D models by Scope AR

A blog post on AREA member Scope AR’s website addresses the question posed by clients which is “how do we make AR instructions if we don’t have 3D models?”

It’s a valid question, which Scope AR goes on to address in their blog.  The WorkLink platform was built primarily around the concept that organizations would be leveraging their own products’ CAD models to create augmented reality training and instruction materials.  Many of our clients are using it in exactly that way, and having no difficulty in achieving that workflow.

The scenarios where this approach doesn’t fit tend to be in a few general categories.

  • “We need to assist our employees on equipment that is supplied by a vendor”
  • “The CAD files exist and we own them, but we are struggling to get them released to us”
  • “This equipment pre-dates our CAD software”

In actuality, most of these scenarios are likely to be short-lived. Where IP protection is a concern, for instance, CAD files can be converted and simplified at source to maximize the value to instruction while minimizing the exposure of proprietary information. In addition, the very nature of self-authoring keeps that exposure limited to your internal content authors and a pre-approved workforce working across a secure network. As the benefits of AR instruction and assistance become more commonly understood, these barriers are starting to fall.

The rest of their blog is devoted to sharing some useful techniques for these situations.

See Scope AR’s member profile page. 

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