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Scope AR

Scope AR was founded in Edmonton, Alberta, in 2011 to provide enterprise Augmented Reality solutions to heavy industry. The company’s products are driven by requirements in mining, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and other industry organizations to make knowledge readily accessible and available where and when needed.

Background and Achievements

Scope AR provides the Content Creation Platform, an authoring tool for leveraging CAD content to create complex 3D animated work instructions. The platform also collects task verification information and performance metrics of users.

Scope AR also offers Remote AR, a remote collaboration tool for connecting technicians in the field with remote experts in real time. Viewing what a field technician sees, a support engineer can provide step-by-step Augmented Reality-enhanced instructions and guidance.

Scope AR customers have successfully deployed Remote AR to help experts communicate with technicians using arrows, highlighters and text, as well as freehand drawing tools.

Challenges to Be Addressed

Barriers in communicating about Augmented Reality still exist, for example, hype about AR is still prevalent. To reduce the risk of customer disillusionment, it’s important for providers of technologies to clearly communicate the benefits of Augmented Reality in enterprise and how customers can use currently available AR technology to achieve their business goals.

Augmented Reality is still a new, evolving capability, and Scope AR is engaged with customers and in partnerships to increase awareness of AR and to demonstrate how its use can result in rapid return on company investment.

Why AR Is Strategic

Customers in heavy industry are looking for new and better ways to maintain rigorous safety standards and dramatically improve quality levels, while reducing production costs. Greater access to contextually relevant information will achieve these goals.

Augmented Reality-enabled solutions can address these customer requirements by efficiently displaying procedural information directly in the user’s field of view, while remote collaboration technologies reduce costs in terms of travel and time for an organization.

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