Fugro Selects RealWear’s HMT-1 Augmented Reality Headset for Deployment

A recent article on Auganix reported on AREA member RealWear’s announcement that geo-data specialist Fugro has selected and deployed their Augmented Reality headsets throughout its fleet. Fugro gathers complex information about structures and subsurface, conducting most operations in harsh environments at sea and on land.

According to RealWear, Fugro were seeking a wearable solution for maintaining collaboration while reducing on-site visits. They soon chose RealWear’s technology after consulting partner VR Expert to support requirements for connectivity, safety, and ruggedness.

Since 2019, Fugro have adopted the HMT-1, gradually increasing the number following potential scale, user feedback, and connectivity and durability tests. VR Expert adapted their software to optimise settings based on current bandwidth and latency due to low connectivity in extreme weather conditions. After validation of the use case, VR Expert provided kits for Fugro with the RealWear headset in them, now to be found on almost every vessel.

Hannes Swiegers, Global Director Remote Operations and Support Services at Fugro, has said that they are “proud” of their teamwork with VR Expert and RealWear. Since the deployment, the following benefits have occurred:

  • Reduced on-site visits; increased safety
  • Optimised resources due to removal of travel
  • Instant access to expertise via Remote Expert functionality; quicker operation

Sanjay Jhawar, President and Co-Founder of RealWear, has said that they appreciate the opportunity to work with Fugro, allowing for empowerment and elevation.

CEO of VR Expert, Tim Nijland, has also added that RealWear’s reliable HMT-1s enhanced the “vision to validation” with Fugro. The wearable solution is being used to “great effect” internationally.

Read the full article here, and see RealWear’s AREA member profile here.

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