Bühler Consumer Foods Expands order for XMReality Remote Guidance

Swedish company and AREA member, XMReality, made an announcement for expansion of an AR order on January 28 2019.  XMReality is an international leader in AR-enabled knowledge sharing.  The company announced that Bühler Consumer Foods has signed an additional order to expand the use of XMReality Remote Guidance.  This enables other businesses of the Bühler Group to deploy XMReality Remote Guidance in Asia. Agreement software value is approx. 0.5 MSEK annual recurring revenue.

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Bühler Consumer Foods was established in January 2019, integrating the Haas Group and the original consumer foods business of the Bühler Group. The Haas Group has been a customer of XMReality’s since 2016. Bühler Consumer Foods now expands its agreement with XMReality and enables users from other businesses from within the Bühler Group to use the solution in Asia. Bühler Group will do an initial roll-out in Asia to enable their helpdesk staff support both their own mobile workers as well as including XMReality Remote Guidance into their remote service offering.

“Thanks to the positive experience we have made within our Consumer Foods business and the good partnership with XMReality we decided to expand our pilot project and will use the new support tool for customer service in Asia”, says Manfred Götz, CIO of Bühler.

“XMReality highly values existing customer relationship with Bühler Consumer Foods and we are excited to support the expanded partnership with the Bühler Group. International roll-outs, and the extended focus on reselling our solutions as part of customer service offerings is a developing trend we see amongst our customers”, says Johan Castevall, CEO XMReality.

The order includes XMReality Remote Guidance software, XMReality Web Client, and XMReality PointPad™. The software value is approx. 0,5 MSEK annual recurring revenue and will be recognized during 2019. Including this additional order, total order value from Haas Group during last 12 months amounts to approx. 1,0 MSEK.


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