New AR Maturity Model gives clear, detailed guidance on exactly what industrial enterprises need to do to achieve success with AR and deliver real, measurable Return on Investment

Atheer Unveils Augmented Reality Maturity Model

A press release dated October 17 2019 from Atheer Inc, AREA member and a leader in enterprise augmented reality and pioneer of the Augmented Reality Management Platform.  Atheer announced the immediate availability of its new Augmented Reality Maturity Model and White Paper during a keynote by Atheer CEO Amar Dhaliwal at the Augmented World Expo EU 2019 conference in Munich, Germany on October 17 2019.

A high-level version of the model outlines the four stages of enterprise Augmented Reality maturity – Exploring, Deploying, Connecting and Leading – and outlines the activities and technologies used by the enterprise at that stage.

A detailed, in-depth version of the model – and an associated White Paper – is now available for download from the Atheer web site, giving enterprises a comprehensive tool for planning how to evolve from a stage where the organization is just exploring and learning about AR to one in which Augmented Reality provides a true strategic advantage. The model brings together the insights that Atheer has gained from working with enterprise customers across a broad range of industries over the last 7 years.

“Augmented Reality can be transformative and provide significant competitive advantage for enterprises,” said Amar Dhaliwal. “We wanted to articulate not only how to get started, but also how to mature enterprise use of AR to the point where it really does provide a competitive advantage.

Our development of the AR Maturity Model is designed to help organizations understand each of the four distinct stages of AR Maturity – and the clear steps they need to take to move from one stage to the next.”

There are four distinct stages to the AR Maturity Model: Exploring, Deploying, Connecting and Leading. An organization will achieve insight and ROI at each stage of maturity, but will realize the greatest benefit at Level 4 (the Leading stage) when it is truly using AR as a competitive advantage.

The model looks not only at the activities undertaken by the enterprise at each stage of AR maturity, but also at the strategies the organization will need to employ, the technology that is most appropriate to achieve its goals – along with the supporting content, budget and IT support it will need.

Today’s release of the AR Maturity Model builds on work Atheer has undertaken throughout the last year, since its original introduction of the Augmented Reality Management Platform at last year’s AWE EU 2018 – and the subsequent development of an AR Journey Map and an AR RFP template.

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You can register to download the AR Maturity Model here:

Read Atheer’s AREA member profile here.

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